Horst Maple Farm


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Welcome to The Horst Maple Farm. We are a small farm located and Bennington Vermont and strive to produce the best possible pure, Vermont, maple products we can. Feel free to browse our store and contact us if you have any questions.



The Farm at 707 Pleasant Valley Road was built in 1875 by Elmer Rudd as a tenant house for his larger farming operation. It was sold to Frederick Horst in 1920 and became the home of William and Althea (Senecal) Horst in 1929. The Horst family, by this time, had acquired several farming properties in the area. Their farming ventures over the years included Fruits, vegetables, and various livestock, but eventually came to concentrate on dairy production, supplying milk for a dairy route in Bennington Vermont known as Horst Dairy. Today much of this Horst property remains in the hands of Horst descendants and continues to be used as farmlands.


In 2004, Jon D’Amour, grandson of William and Althea Horst, purchased the 707 Pleasant Valley Road property. In 2010, Jon began major renovations to the barn with the intent of using it as a sugarhouse and thus established Horst Farms as a maple sugaring operation.

Whiskey Aged Pure Vermont Maple Syrup


Enjoy the delicious flavor of our new whiskey barrel aged maple syrup. Wonderful flavor tones are imparted on the syrup from the charred oak whiskey barrel. We know you’ll love it. Hint, try it on ice cream!